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Help Me Welcome Joey Paul, YA Crime Author

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Joey Paul is a writer, exploring the young adult crime genre. She has released seven books in total so far, but plans to write more. She is currently working on her eleventh and twelfth books. Her current works include the series “Dying Thoughts” and she plans to continue that for at least seven books, maybe more. Her other works are usually books about the many trials and tribulations of being a teenager, sometimes with a crime twist. Joey is disabled and a recent graduate from The Open University with a BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care. When not reading medical textbooks, she enjoys reading crime novels,  medical dramas and chick-lit. When not reading, she relaxes by playing the ukulele. And when she’s not doing THAT, she’s sleeping! She recently turned 32 and has been writing since she was retired from her job on medical grounds at the age of 19. She plans to write for as long as she has ideas or until someone tells her to stop!
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Joey Paul cover






Book Synopsis: Angelina and Zack couldn’t be anymore different; one lives in apparent riches and the other in poverty. They meet online and a friendship blooms, but then things in Angelina’s life take a turn for the worst and she finds herself turning to the only person she thinks loves her – Zack.


With everything against them, can Zack and Angelina cross the distance to change her life before it’s too late? Or will Zack have to watch from afar as Angelina continues to suffer?





Excerpt from the book: I left the room and took a deep breath. I had been too close to admitting my own lies and that wouldn’t do. It couldn’t happen if I wanted them to stay friends with me. I liked the new guy, well I guess I was the new girl, but I liked Artist44 or Zack or whatever he was called. He seemed friendly and had made me feel really welcome, even if he had pushed me to tell him who I’d been dobbed in by and there was no way that was going to happen.

My sisters were awake, I could hear them yelling for me from downstairs. I decided that the best course of action was to go downstairs and try to placate them, because otherwise they’d come upstairs and start banging on my door. I’m always worried that they’ll start trying to damage the lock and that’s the last thing I need.

I headed downstairs and went to the living room where they were both lounging across the couches. “Where the hell have you been?” Valerie demanded, giving me an evil look.



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My Friend Jerrid Edgington–A Paramedic Who Is Also An Author


My guest today is my good friend and fellow author Jerrid Edgington. He is a Paramedic at Le Flore County EMS in Poteau, Oklahoma. He has been in EMS for 17 years with 15 years of that as a Paramedic. He has worked in four different states in EMS. He has worked in big inner city as well as the rural settings. Jerrid has always aspired to write a book. His books Racing the Reaper and Resuscitation are published through Master Koda Select Publishing and are available on Amazon. The third book in the Reaper series is currently going through the editing process and will be available for purchase this fall. I have read his books and am anxiously awaiting book three!

He shared some excerpt from his books with me.


 thereaper-cover-final-184x300 Excerpt from Racing the Reaper


Jacob stood on the dock, confused. Gilmore guided the other occupants off the boat to give Charles room to work.

“What’s her name?” Charles asked the driver. “I think it’s Amber. She kept saying that all the way here so I’m guessing that’s it,” the driver answered. “Amber, are you hurting anywhere?” The woman continued thrashing.

“Jacob, get the back board and c-spine stuff off of the sheriff’s boat. Gilmore, call this into dispatch and get me a helicopter,” Charles ordered.

Jacob bolted towards the sheriff’s boat to get the equipment. He tripped over a loose board, lost his balance, and fell into the lake. How could he be so clumsy?

Charles looked over his shoulder for Jacob, but didn’t see him. “Jacob what are you doing? Get that gear over here!” screamed Charles.

Trying hard to hold back a laugh, Gilmore said, “Your rookie just fell into the lake.”

Purchase Racing the Reaper on Amazon:


Excerpt from Resuscitation


Jacob’s throat constricted. “This is Jacob on Medic-57. We’re on scene of a head on collision with one confirmed fatality. We have a pregnant female who is approximately eight months pregnant. We lost pulses a moment ago, and we’re forty-five minutes from the nearest hospital. What do you want me to do?” Life or death calls brought out the best in him, but the added element of having a child’s life in his hands terrified him. There was silence on the other end of the phone. “Hello? Are you there?” Jacob felt as though a vacuum had sucked the air from his lungs.


James pumped frantically on the woman’s chest. Beads of sweat from his forehead slowly traced down his face and fell onto the lifeless woman’s body.
“Yes. I’m here. How long has she been in cardiac arrest?”


“Less than a minute. My partner is doing CPR on her now.”


Doctor Young cleared his throat. “You have two choices. I can talk you through a field C-section, or you can do nothing and the baby will die. There’s nothing you can do for the mother. She’s already dead.”

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Please welcome my guest, Sherrill Willis!


My guest today is my friend, author Sherrill Willis. Sherrill, would you please tell us a bit about yourself?
 I am the Author of Ruby Lake, A Wedding in Ruby Lake and Stay a While in Ruby Lake. I started reading when I was 3 and my parents encouraged me to start writing soon after. I wrote my first poem at age 5 (about a tree I believe) and this has been my passion for my entire life. Writing is what keeps me sane, and hopefully, connects me to others. I’ve always felt we are all connected, whether through experiences, blood or community. With my writing, my ultimate hope is to transcend barriers and reach out to those I might otherwise never meet (being able to afford all the cheese I want is on my list of wants as well).
I’m always writing in my head, and there are days I don’t get a word done on the manuscript, and other days it just flows like a winding river, picking up it’s own pace as I keep writing. No matter what your passion is – do it. Don’t listen to the critics, the naysayers – believe in yourself despite what others say you can’t do. Truly, the best revenge isn’t just living well, sometimes it’s also being able to smile triumphantly at those who tried to hold you back.
Ruby Lake New Kindle (2)
Your book Ruby Lake sounds interesting. What is it about?
Sydney Myers has been through several failed relationships in the past year, in addition to several other trauma’s, and is now giving up on finding her knight in dented armor. When her boss sends her to Ruby Lake, a small, rural town in northern Wisconsin, the last thing she was looking for was love at first sight, not to mention a place in the world where she finally fits. Add in her city-savvy best friend, a jealous ex-girlfriend, a famous father, and a coffee shop full of off-the wall characters, and it becomes more challenging for Sydney to manage than a spinning plate competition.
When disaster strikes close to home, Sydney is left with the unbearable choice of her family, or the life she has always dreamed of. Come with Sydney on her journey and laugh, cry and rediscover why some choices are not really choices at all, they are simply fate.
Please share an excerpt from Ruby Lake!
  “Really? What were you doing about twenty minutes ago? And don’t tell me you were thinking, I know what your ‘thinking’ face is. Besides, we’re leaving Saturday, and we are staying at the hotel until then so it’s not like I am going to get a chance at him anyway. I was just commenting on how cute he is.” Illana folded her arms over her chest and stuck her chin out at Sydney. “At least I’m honest about it, unlike some people.”
  “What do you want me to say?” Sydney threw her arms up in frustration. “Yes, I think Zeke is hot, like burn-me-at-the-stake kind of hot. The man brought me a perfect cup of coffee while I was sleeping. Who does that? I almost spilled my coffee this afternoon when Betty told me he called her to find out how I like my coffee. So, yeah, I want him. How could I not? I mean, the only thing that would make him sexier is a gold-hoop earring! My heart does jumping jacks whenever he walks into the room,” At Illana’s wide-eyed look, Sydney said, “and he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”
  “Yeah, but don’t stop now, especially if you’re going to do jumping jacks,” Zeke said, leaning against the door jam and wearing a very satisfied grin.
If Ruby Lake were made into a movie, who would be in your dream cast?
Sydney Myers (Greyson) – Jennifer Lawrence – she’s adorable, and so is Syd – she would pull off the clutzy but loveable character to a T!
Zeke Greyson – Chris Hemsworth – because I’m a dreamer and want to hear him say “I’m so glad I get to keep her.”
Illana Garet (Greyson) – oh man…Selma Hyek – a younger version with less accent – but would love to hear her say: “I never date men prettier than I am.”
Alex Greyson – Bradley Cooper – but he’d have to dye his hair brown – oh but those eyes are ALL Alex!


Where can readers connect with you, and what are the links to your books?
A Wedding in Ruby Lake:
Stay a While in Ruby Lake:
(that is the correct order – don’t let the publication dates confuse you! lol)



Amazon Author Page


Thank you for being my guest today! It’s been nice hearing about your books!

Thoughts from my heart today.

This blog contains Christian content. I am not ashamed of my Christian faith.  It may be offensive to some, but it is the center of my life, and I am sharing some thoughts in hopes that it will help someone else. 20 May 2014   I am sitting by the window at the top step on the top floor of this old house. Outside the evening birds call their lullabies in harmony with the waterfall a hundred yards away. I can hear the water over the music from my headset. The sky is a soft blue as twilight creeps across it. The gentle breeze is barely noticeable but is a welcome friend after the heat of the day. The quietness of the approaching night I listen to the sounds of family around me. I am thankful I have them and that they love me. I have a hard time realizing I am loveable. I have a hard time accepting me as I am. I know God loves me just how I am, and He is working on me to love myself. Many people struggle with that, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s an individual struggle. It’s helpful to know that others are struggling, too, but each one of us has to make it through – or not – the struggle ourselves with the help of God. Many times I have felt His presence, and I have felt his loving Father arms holding me like a baby when I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life. I have even heard Him call me by my name. His voice is sweet and strong, full of love. A few years ago, my daughter and I were part of a small medieval reenactment group. I earned the title of Countess and with that, I was entitled to wear a coronet at events. I had one specially made for me, using some of the money I inherited from my father. Not long after my coronet was finished, we left the group and the coronet stayed in the protective wrappings in the box. One night when I was feeling depressed over many things that had happened in my life, I heard His gentle voice in my heart. He told me I was to get the coronet out, polish it, and put it where I could see it every day. He told me I was His child, and since He is the King of Kings, that made me His princess. That sounds silly for someone my age to think about, but what He was telling me is that I am worthwhile, I am loveable. He loved me enough to send Jesus to die for me, and He would have if I had been the only person on earth. Those are things we have heard many times over many years, often to the point they no longer seem to have meaning. They have become clichés. But when my Father said those things to me, they took on a new meaning, a personal message to my heart. One that I needed to hear at that moment. I struggled for several weeks about getting the coronet out. I couldn’t do it. I just didn’t feel I was worthy to be His princess. But the reality is that He loves me, as an individual. I am His child. He has my name written on the palm of His hand. The coronet is in a box in my home state and I live in another state some 2000 miles away. I wish I had my coronet here with me, but I know that I don’t really need that to remind me that I am valuable, worthwhile, and loveable, even when I don’t feel like it. He is constant and His love never fails. I am writing this as a reminder to myself, and I hope that anyone else who may read this will be blessed by the message of love and hope. After all, God so loved the world…everyone…that He sent His Son to die for us—to take our (my) punishment for our (my)sin. I am part of whosoever will receive Him. As the Casting Crowns song says:     Not because of who I am But because of what You’ve done. Not because of what I’ve done But because of who You are.   That makes me worthwhile.

Teaser from my WIP, Cora’s Journey

At the end of January, my laptop decided to try base jumping from the terrifying height of 18 inches. It failed. It landed on the hinges, and the screen was gone, as was part of the hard drive. Alas, I had no backup computer for two months when my older son unexpectedly received some money and bought me a new laptop. I am back, and trying to get back up to full speed again.

I am also hoping to write more again. I have had this WIP since 2008, when it was my NaNoWriMo project. I have rewritten parts of it, and will be changing more as I continue the story of Cora’s Journey. I have had a hard time writing the past two years, and I think I finally figured out part of the reason.

A few weeks ago in our Master Koda group on FaceBook, we were discussing what things we HAD to have to write. I realized that I haven’t been able to write much since my writing buddy, my tiny 5 lb. Maltese Max died. He would lie on my lap or at my feet while I wrote, and politely listen to what I had written, offering his approval with sweet puppy kisses. He was with me for almost 14 years. I had grown accustomed to his presence when I wrote.

After the discussion on Master Koda, I thought I should try  setting something that reminded me of my buddy where I can see it. Hopefully it will help. All I have here in Connecticut is the tiny cedar box containing his ashes, so that will be what I use.

Max on 13th bday cropped

(This photo was taken on his 13th birthday He had been wrestling with a kitten we were fostering. His smile says it all.)


On to Cora’s Journey. It  is the story of a woman’s journey through life and is loosely based on real events in my own family’s history. I am adding the first chapter here as a teaser, and hopefully, for me, it will be a motivator to start writing on it again. For those of you who don’t know, I write Christian fiction. Please enjoy the story as it begins.



Cora’s Journey

Cora stood at the shore of the lake leaning on her old walking stick and watching the sun set as she had countless evenings before. Tonight was the last time she would stand here, and her eyes misted with memories. The breeze ruffled her silver hair as she pulled her blue wool sweater tighter around her. Ripples on the lake lapped at her feet in one last goodbye while the mourning dove’s somber cries echoed the melancholy she felt. As the last rays of light disappeared from the water, she turned and shuffled back to the house. She stepped up to the porch, and touched the railing as if it still held the warmth of her husband’s grip. Keeping her gnarled hand on the rail, she turned one more time and gazed across the lake where the last glow of daylight slipped over the horizon. She sat in her rocker and covered her lap with her favorite afghan. Stars poked through in their familiar patterns as she rocked. The memory of the first night danced with the reflection of the stars on the lake.

Moving In…

The grass was exceptionally green the spring they moved to the house by Lake Millicent. Huge patches of buttercups and wild geraniums bloomed everywhere they could see. Trees proudly rustled their new leaves in the soft breeze. Pines and firs stood as magnificent guardians over the woods. In their branches, the robins’ nests held small blue eggs ready to hatch, while tiny chipmunks and squirrels chittered and chattered from the branches. The vixen led her month-old cubs out into the warm sunshine for their first peek at the world outside their den. For only a moment, they stood at the entrance, bewildered by the new sights, noses twitched at scents coming from every direction. Then, as if something gave them a huge push, they all ran out, yipping happily as they explored every flower, tree, and hole. Somewhere nearby, a cricket played its rhythmic chant.

For the first years of their marriage, Cora and Matthew lived in the city, but they longed for a quieter place to raise their family. Almost every weekend during the summer they brought their family to the tranquility of Lake Millicent and camped near the boat launch and small store in Grove Meadows. They had admired the house on the far end of the lake from their first visit, so when they discovered it was for sale, they quickly bought it. Winter would pass and spring would come before they would move in, but just knowing it was theirs gave them much joy.

The old truck sputtered as they pulled up to the house as it had done many times the past month. A loud “BANG” announced their arrival. The children were excited to explore their new surroundings, but Matthew said they had to help unload the truck first.

When they were released from their unloading duties, Mark, Rose, and James ran out the back porch door with the admonition from Cora for the older two to keep a good watch on James, to keep the house in sight, and to stay out of the water. Baby Catherine happily played in her playpen and Cora peeked out the window to check on the others.
The first place the children headed was the lake’s shore where they discovered frogs and tadpoles, water skaters, and dragonfly nymphs in the shallow water. They poked sticks in the mud and watched them fill the holes up again, and they made a mud castle in the oozy muck. Small stones from the bank became windows and doors and a wall. A feather was the banner on top of the turret. The children were certain they would love their new home.

When they tired of the mud, they decided to follow the Lilliputian stream, icy with run-off, from where its narrow fingers trickled into the lake. They followed it up the slope as it wound through the woods. Mark and Rose kept looking over their shoulders to see the cabin. James ran ahead into the woods following a yellow butterfly as it kissed the buttercups in a helter-skelter pattern.

“James! Stop! Mama said we had to be where we could see the house all the time.” Rose’s face grew red with frustration. At the sound of his sister’s voice, he looked up and grinned. No one could resist that smile, and Rose was always the first one to succumb to her little brother’s charm.
“James, you know what Mama said. Come back here.” She pretended to scold.

The younger boy stood up tall, stared at her, still grinning, and took a giant step backwards. He fell flat on his back in the tiny streamlet. Instantly he gasped from the cold, but turned his gasp into laughter. Rose and Mark laughed, too. Mark reached out a hand to help his brother up, but when he grabbed his hand, James gave a quick jerk and pulled Mark into the mud and water. Now both boys were covered with mud and sitting in the icy water.

Rose stood on the path, hands on hips, and did her best to mimic Mama when she was angry. “You boys get outta that mud this minute and git yerselfs home!”

Both boys grinned, and Mark picked up a handful of mud and gently tossed it at his bossy younger sister.

“We don’ wanna!”

Rose got red in the face and stomped her foot. Mud and icy water splashed over all three children. After the initial shock of the cold, they all burst out laughing, and threw globs of mud at each other.

“Maaark! Rose? James! It’s time to come home. Hurry up, now.” Mama’s voice rang through the woods. The three children stopped instantly and looked wide-eyed at each other, knowing they all would be in trouble for being so muddy.

“Uh-oh. We’re gunna git it now.” James muttered as he struggled to stand, sliding in the muddy stream bank.

Cora stood at the back door with her hand shielding her eyes from the sun. She watched the three muddy figures come down the trail. She knew she shouldn’t laugh, but she couldn’t help it. She knew the water and mud would be too enticing for the kids to stay out. She crossed her arms and laughed. The children could only see her, and weren’t sure if Mama was angry or not. They cautiously looked at one another as they opened the gate and stepped into the yard.

Three muddy children stood looking at the ground, peeking up cautiously at their mother. She stepped outside and put her arms out, welcoming her children home. They all ran to her and hugged her, leaving mud on her face, her dress and apron. She marched them into the back porch and gave them orders to stay there and remove their dirty clothes.

Cora poured hot water from the tank on the side of the wood burning stove and poured it into the washtub on the kitchen floor. After plenty of soap and scrubbing, the kids were clean. Fresh clothes followed, then Cora put them to work helping unpack.

“Daddy will be back soon with the last load, so we need to get the rest this put away before he gets here. Mark, you and Rose take those last boxes of your things upstairs. James, you can take the pillows, but only one at a time. Don’t want you falling on the stairs! Scoot now!” She playfully swatted their behinds as they picked up the boxes and pillows.

Their bedrooms were above the parlor and bedroom on the main floor. The stairway was beside the door from the parlor. Generations of children spied on adults downstairs from the narrow spaces between the slats. Years of the small hands gripping the top railing wore it smooth and shiny.

James tossed the pillows on top of the fluffy, warm quilts that adorned each bed. Mark and Rose quickly put their things away as James made his final trip up the steps and plopped face down on his bed.

“Whew!  I’m tired!”

Just then they heard the sputter-sputter song of the truck’s engine. Dad was back with the last load, and they would be all moved in! They had been moving in for a couple weeks now, and before that they had come up to do repairs. Now they were finished. All three kids scurried down the steps to help Matthew unload the truck.

After dinner, the family settled in the parlor, weary but enjoying their new home. Matthew sat in his overstuffed chair, staring into the fire. Catherine slept with her head snuggled on Cora’s shoulder as the rocking chair made the comforting creak-scrawk that lulled babies to sleep. Mark, Rose, and James, now pajama clad, descended from their rooms and snuggled onto Matthew’s lap.

“Daddy?” Rose said. “Will you tell us a story?” She rubbed her soft hands on his stubbly beard.

“Yeah, Daddy! Tell us a story! Make it a long one!”

Matthew smiled, knowing full well his children would soon be asleep, no matter how long the story was.  “First Bible reading, and prayers, then a story,” he told his beloved little ones.

# # # # # #

After the children were tucked in bed, Matthew and Cora stepped out on the porch and stood by the railing. They watched the sun set over Lake Millicent and disappear over the horizon. One by one stars appeared in the blue black sky above them. Matthew reached out and took Cora’s hand.

“This is home, Cora. The one we’ve wanted. I hope we will be here for a long, long time.”

“Me, too. Everything feels so perfect right now, and so peaceful.”

Matthew put his arm around Cora’s shoulders, drawing her close as they watched the night deepen and listened to the quiet lapping ripples of the lake against the shore.

Introducing Tammy Novak and The Abduction of Lilly Waters

My friend T.M. Novak is my guest today.


Tammy was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, eight minutes before her twin brother. She comes from a large family with seven brothers and sisters, and eleven nieces and nephews so far. She grew up in Southern California and currently lives in Prescott, Arizona.
Tammy married her high school sweetheart Gary in 1994 and they have four sons together. She received her teaching degree from Northern Arizona University in 2010 and is currently a teacher in Mayer, Arizona.
The Abduction of Lilly Waters is her debut novel and she has several other works in progress. Butterfly Lake is her Y.A. series in the works, and a children’s book series called  The Big Green Dinosaur will be published under Tammy Moore. Her sister Latisha Wood is expected to illustrate them for her.
The things that inspire Tammy the most are family and she always keeps her family at the forefront of her thoughts. She gets her story ideas from her dreams and her children where she takes a simple moment and turns it into a world all its own.
Tammy describes The Abduction of Lilly Waters this way:  Cover-KimLikes-orange-07-27-13

Beth had never anticipated her life would end up like it did. The last beating she received at the hands of her boyfriend threw her over the edge. She had to escape him, so she fled taking her daughter Lilly with her. She didn’t know where she’d go, but she didn’t care. All she could manage to think about was her unborn child and her daughter Lilly.

The frequent stops the mother and daughter had to make were uneventful until Beth pulled into a Diner in Moore, Oklahoma, where her daughter Lilly was taken by unseen hands.

Detective’s Daniel Prescott and Frank Martinez head the investigation trying relentlessly to solve the case before it’s too late. These days, when children are taken it’s a unified frenzy to find them. In this case, every lead turns up empty and every turn they take reveals a clue they couldn’t have anticipated. The detectives aren’t quite sure where to turn or whom to trust; even the mother herself is a prime suspect.
The Abduction of Lilly Waters is a fast paced child abduction thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat in anticipation until the end where you’ll discover the deepest and darkest secret waiting.

Tammy has shared the following links where you, the reader, may connect with her.

Links Amazon US

Amazon UK

Author Web site

FB page

Thank you for being my guest today, Tammy! It’s been a pleasure to have you!


WOW Wednesday: Meet my friend Jerrid Edgington

Today my guest is my good friend and author, Jerrid Edgington, known as “The Edge.”

Jerrid has been a Paramedic since 1997 working in four different states. He is currently living and working in Poteau, Oklahoma where he is a Paramedic for Le Flore County EMS. He is happily married to Jody, and they’ve recently had an addition to their family on October 16th when they were blessed with the birth of Zoey, their daughter. Jerrid spent several years as a semi-professional football player, officiated high school varsity football and basketball, and also enjoys woodworking as well as writing in his spare time. Jerrid is currently writing a medical fiction thriller series called Racing the Reaper.


Jerrid’s book,  Racing the Reaper: Book One, is available now! It’s an awesome book, one I highly recommend.
Jerrid shares this about his book:  After a life altering accident that nearly left Jacob Myers paralyzed he felt his life was meant for something greater than the daily grind of an office job. Through his recovery process, he found the direction he’d been longing for; to get a job in EMS. As a rookie, Jacob suffered through mistake after mistake and often times faced life or death situations. He began to wonder if he was cut out for this line of work. After two long exhausting years he was finally getting his feet under him when a former patient began stalking him, making his life a living hell and out of spite accused him of sexual assault. Would Jacob be able to clear his name and rid his life of this mentally unbalanced woman or would he be trapped and imprisoned for something he didn’t do?
This is the link where you can find his book.
Racing the Reaper
Thanks for being my guest today, Jerrid! I wish you all the best! These are other links where you can connect with Jerrid!