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Nadia Kilrick’s New Book is Launched Today!!!

November 8, 2013

Nadia’s is excited to announce that her newest book, Escape, will be released by Master Koda Select Publishing on 8 November. She invites you to the book launch party on Facebook. All are welcome to come join the fun. Here’s the link to the event. It’s simple to join, simply click ‘join’ at the top right of the page and pop in on the eighth at 3:00 pm CST.




A Walk Through Nadia Kilrick’s Kilmservy Village


Kilmservy Village was created by the author, Nadia Kilrick. She took bits from several places where she has lived throughout her lifetime. Mostly, those places she has connected with on a personal level, and combined them into one small mountain town in the Southeastern US. Although bad things happen in the fictitious Kilmservy Village, the fictional town is molded from many beautiful scenes the author has experienced. Those scenes are now tucked away in her memory bank to enjoy at will during her golden years.


  • Horse-Field - By cmsturgeonWhere is Kilmservy Village located?

In the mountains of east Tennessee.


  • Is it based in a real town?

No. It’s a compilation of places I’ve lived and visited.




  • What were the first businesses to be built in the village?

Kilmservy Rose Inn and Cafe run by the Stuttshire family, Breckenship and Sons Rough Hewn Lumber Sawmill, Conal McKessa’s General Store, Blackmith Shop and Stables owned and operated by Manus Lewis, and a farming operation owned by the Coretti family.


  • Are those businesses still around in books two and three? Are they owned by families of the original settlers?

They’re all still in the village. They’ve been updated with the times and have grown into larger, more modern operations. The the original building that housed the Inn & Cafe was refurbished after a lightning strike nearly burned it to the ground. The general store looks much the same as it did when Conal McKessa opened it. The blacksmith shop is doing double duty these days as home to the local farrier and artistic metal shop. In addition to housing horses for town dwellers, the stables have an outreach program with therapy horses. The Coretti family owns the nursery and greenhouses. They’ve expanded a great deal since their ancestors moved to the village. The lumber mill hasn’t changed much in all the years it’s been on the mountain, and it has never changed hands.


  • Who are the most prominent families in the village?

The Dunsmorrest, Stuttshire, Breckenship, McKessa and Coretti families.


  • What is the weather like in the area?

It’s beautiful all year long. The summers are warm and comfortable. Winters are cool to cold, with a some snow, but the town isn’t buried in it for months. Spring is comfortably cool. The hillsides are covered with a blanket of white dogwood blooms and redbud trees in flower. Autumn is alive with vivid colors. Cool temperatures make it perfect for hikes along the many mountain trails.


  • Give us a picture of the geographical layout of the area.

The original road comes in from the northeast and turns southwest into the village. The river runs through from the northeast and bends back to travel south along the eastern border of the village. The main road is a tree-lined, two-lane flanked by original and new buildings housing family owned businesses. Large flower pots stand at every intersection, colorful fabric awnings hang over shop windows, antique benches are placed along sidewalks in front of shops and local stones are laid in the crosswalks.


Redberry Creek crosses under the road on the south side of town. One must cross the bridge when traveling up the mountain to the Breckenship farm. The mountainsides are riddled with overgrown cave entrances. Streams dissect the land. One can hear the cold, clear water as it moves over worn, moss-covered rocks. Rhododendron and witch hazel grow wild on the mountain and give cover to an array of wildlife and human, alike. Ginseng and bird’s foot violets cover the ground. Crossvine and wisteria wrap around trees, as a mother swaddling her infant. Liverwort, spleenwort and walking fern cover boulders and grow in rock crevices perched on the mountainside. The mountain is always in motion, and singing.



About the Book


Rough Hewn II: Escape picks up the lives of Kilmservy Village’s most well-known citizens almost two hundred years after the village was settled by the Stuttshire and Breckenship families.


Life has changed a lot in the small mountain village since Oliver Stuttshire, Yule Breckenship and their families made the journey from the shores of North Carolina to the mountains of Tennessee. Some things never change, though. Good people tend to pass on their way of life to their children and grandchildren. All of whom go out into the world and try to make it better in their own way. The same can be said for people who are not so good. Those with evil in their hearts pass on that evil to the young ones. And if they are not strong enough to fight it, these children mimic the behaviors they’ve learned at home.


Some say it’s in the blood; that evil passes from generation to generation. In the case of the Breckenship blood line, it seems to be true. Each new generation of Breckenship men seem more monstrous than those who have gone before. If it’s true that evil endures in the blood and is passed on, than this family is the epitome of such evil. And, Jim Breckenship is the worst of the lot.


Jim’s wife, Carolyn, learns too late that whispers of her husband’s crimes are more than rumors. She must reconcile within herself the reasons she stays in the house with a monster. Additionally, she must alter her escape plan as Jim’s actions grow more abhorrent by the day, nay, the hour. Will she escape in time to save herself and her secret, or has she waited too long?




Nadia Kilrick is a Florida native who finds tranquility in the simple life of the Deep South. She believes there is no better place to contemplate life’s journey than sitting beside a slow moving creek shaded by mighty moss-draped oaks. It’s there that dreams burst free from within the chasms of the human heart.


Nadia has written fiction since childhood. The busyness of life and raising a family slowed the progress of her writing for two decades. When her children moved away, she began writing articles for the web. Her passion for fiction writing quietly stirred while writing articles related to gardening, family, self-sufficiency and do-it-yourself projects. Now she writes fiction full time. Thriller, suspense/mystery and paranormal are her favorite genres to write. When reading, she reaches for psychological thrillers, true crime, mystery/suspense, horror, paranormal, western and historical fiction.


Nadia is pleased to announce her debut short story, “Ziggy Returns: A Short Tale”, was published by Master Koda Select Publishing in August 2013. Kilrick’s “Rough Hewn: People of Kilmservy Village”, the first book in the Rough Hewn Trilogy, was released in September 2013. All titles are available at



Nadia’s links:


Rough Hewn II: ESCAPE Book Launch


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People of Kilmservy Village




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