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A New Writer in the Family?!

August 19, 2013

My special guest today is extra special to me. She is my 4-year-old granddaughter. She wrote a cute little story with me. She dictated it and I typed it. The only prompts I gave her were “then what happened?” Several people have asked to read it, so I am sharing it here. This is totally unedited, and the words are hers, in her own language. I hope you enjoy it.


A Little Fairy Who Didn’t Listen to Her Mother


Flower was a little fairy. She lived in a very old tree. She liked to play outside on her playground and go on the slide and she liked to draw.

She went outside and climbed a very tall and very far tree. She saw some birds, some squirrels and some colorful leaves. She also saw a butterfly and butterflies were her favorite thing. She was tiny enough she could ride on a big butterfly.


Her mother told her she couldn’t play on the very tall and very far tree.


Flower said, “I didn’t!”


Flower went in the basement and saw a teeny tiny butterfly. She caught it and she fed it nectar. She went out of the basement out the top door. She found another fairy who was the same size as she and she ate and drank with her. They had a picnic in the road! A car came on the road where they were having their picnic and they got in the grass and resucd the food and the picnic blanket. Then the fairies told their mothers they wanted to play outside on the playground. Their mothers said, “Yes!”


Then they just went on the slide together.


She didn’t listen to her mother because her mother said not to go to the very tall and very far tree because it had so many branches. But they went up the tree and had their picnic at the top of the tree. The branches were bigger than they were.


A branch fell off the tree and made them fall. They flapped their wings to rescue themselves. They also caught their food and picnic blanket. Their moms were too busy to see them.


Flower and her friend said, “What pretty, pretty leaves!” and they gave some to each other.


They decided they shouldn’t go up that tree and they had their picnic on the grass. It’s “more safer” there.


They were happy.


The end.

Thanks for taking the time to read her little story!


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  1. Susanne Weigand permalink

    This is a very nice story! Thank you.

  2. Kir Piccini permalink

    I always love when a new WRITER emerges!! YAY.

    and what a sweet story!

  3. Jean permalink

    What a nice story. A bidding writer for sure.

  4. Jean permalink

    I meant bUdding.

  5. Brenda Perlin permalink

    That was just so darn cute! I am so glad you shared that with us. That story was sweet, had heart and a very good message… Or messages.

    I can see the FLOWER series now!!! 🙂

  6. Absolutely precious…and a very good message…she must be learning from her Grandma!

  7. that is adorable and can’t wait to hear more from theis budding author! she is just too cute!

  8. Tamy Burns permalink

    Loved This! Thanks For Sharing.

  9. Very cute …they learn so quickly!

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