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An Antagonist’s Shopping List!

June 20, 2013

Hi, Brenda, and welcome to my blog! I have something a little different today that I want to share with my readers, so I hope you are in the mood to have a little fun!

HomeWrecker Cover Final

I want to ask you – if your antagonist went shopping what are the top ten things on his/her shopping list?

1. A Plastic surgeon that has many specialties since her facelift from 2012 is starting to fall.

2. Shop for another divorce attorney as she didn’t pay the last three so they dropped her as a client.

3. A water gun since she has poor spitting skills.

4. A dictionary so she can learn other words rather than profanity.

5. More dance lessons since she already spent $1,800.00 at Arthur Murray and still cannot find a man.

6. A Jewelry store to pawn off her eleven or so carat diamond ring.

7. A couple of leashes for her two sons so she can control them.

8. A Gluten Free market since she thinks eating Gluten Free is going to make her a better person.

9. The beach to look for a new man since she claims she has met over 1000 men just walking the dogs on the beach.

10. A new dating site since “” has yet to pan out.

As you all can see, Brenda has a great sense of humor and that list really makes you want to pick up Home Wrecker. I hope all my readers will take advantage of the fact that it’s on sale this week for 99 cents!

So here’s the link to Brenda’s great book, The Home Wrecker:

Brenda, you have been an amazing guest! Please share your bio and links where readers can connect with you and your writing!

Author bio

I live in Orange County, California. I have spent most of my working life in the physical fitness arena. I love the gratification that comes with helping people achieve their fitness goals and I love the fulfillment that comes with having a healthy body.

I moved from the Los Angeles area where I was raised to Orange County in the Spring of 2005. During that time I was a housewife with a couple of dogs. Now I am not. Instead I am writing my adventures for all to read.

To find out more about Brenda and her upcoming novels you can connect with her at the following links:

Amazon author page:


Find Her on Facebook:

  1. Brenda Perlin permalink

    Thank you so much DeEtte. I adore this page!!! You must realize how much enjoyment I had comng up with the answers for this one!!! It was the most fun I have had in a long time!!!!! It looks great! I appreciate your support!

  2. You are welcome! And thank you for being my guest! This was a fun one, wasn’t it! I hope you do well with your sales!

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