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Meet Jane Carroll and Her Sidekick, Bertha!

June 4, 2013

Welcome to my blog today, Jane! I am so happy to have you and Bertha here with me! It seems you two are inseparable at times!

Jane Carroll

First of all, tell us who is your favorite character in your book? Why?

I know…you’d expect me to say…Bertha…but honestly…it’s the cat. I mean really…cats are just so arrogant…so all knowing…what’s not to love?!

I’m really more of a dog person, but I have been owned by a couple cats who were wonderful! Now tell me, do you write about your personal experiences in your books?

Always…I may disguise them…at least I hope I do…but the stories in Bertha-Size Your Life! and the upcoming sequel are based on lessons I’ve learned or experienced someone else learning. I’m not sure I could write about something that didn’t pull from my experience in some way.

So are the characters in your story based on people you know?

Absolutely…although some days I’m the narrator and some days I’m Bertha…both characters are actually a conglomerate of a lot of people.

Is there any part in writing you don’t like?

Editing is painful for me…I know I shouldn’t…but I take the critique process very personally.

I understand that. I am an editor as well as a writer. Are there any tips you could give that you learned along your path of picking up the pen to having a published novel?

Write…write…write. Get up every day and write something even if it is a grocery list…just write. And if you think you don’t have anything to say…write that down.

How long have you been writing?

About 10 years now…wow…time flies when you’re having fun!

What do you write? What specific genres, ages groups, etc.?

Bertha-Size Your Life! is definitely chick lit…maybe even…hen lit…as I’ve seen it called. It was originally written with the empty-nest mother in mind but women of all ages seem to love and identify with Bertha and a few men appreciate her as well…but I think it’s the legs that get them.

I hear you have something fun you are currently working on. Tell me about it!

Bertha’s Sequel is at the publisher’s as I type. It continues the personal transformation that started in the first book…and has a few fun twists to it. I’ve also barely started a novel that while it isn’t about Bertha will still be all about personal transformation.

What makes your writing unique?

I took personal-growth and self-help and gave it spandex, high-heels and big red hair…and don’t forget the cat!

Oh, yes! The cat…and perhaps a flamingo or two? When you aren’t writing, what would we find you doing?

Working as a school nurse…kissing boo-boos and giving out band aids…and on a lovely spring afternoon…you might just see me cruise by on my bicycle.

Is music part of your writing process? If so, what do you listen to?

Usually easy rock…just depends on my mood…could be classical or New Age…or Zydeco…who knows…

Where can people go to learn more about you and your work? 

Honey…I tell all on my website!

Why would someone like your book(s)?

First of all because it’s humorous. Bertha is always up to something that will just make you laugh. She is an easy character to identify with. You just want to walk in the house and ask her…“Bertha what are you doing?” Then you want to sit down with a cup of coffee while she climbs on her soapbox and tells you.

Book Synopsis:

Jane Carroll Bertha Image

Bertha-Size Your Life! reads like a series of humorous short stories but it is so much more. Bertha, a zany redhead, mysteriously appears into the narrator’s life while walking in the park. Quicker than a man can hand off a baby with a dirty diaper, she has moved into her new friend’s empty nest and the fun begins.

Bertha is always up to something and delights in standing on a soapbox while dispensing down-home wisdom and perky advice. She explains The Law of Attraction in a refreshing, humor-filled, practical way that has you going hmmm instead of humph.

Thank you for being such a great guest, Jane Carroll! I noticed you answered most of the questions in lime green! The readers will have to read your books to find out what that’s all about! I am so happy to host you today! Please come back again after the sequel is out and we can talk more about your adventures with Bertha and the cat!

Jane Carroll bertha fullcov (3)

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  1. DeEtte…the pleasure was all mine. Bertha still isn’t speaking to me because I chose the cat as my favorite! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…LOL!

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