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A Writing Duo!

April 22, 2013

Two guests this week! Wendy and Charles Siefken are a mother and son writing team with one book published and more works on the way! Thank you for joining me this week, Wendy and Charlie!

Siefken Charlie photoSiefken Wendy photo

What is your genre of choice? Why did you choose this genre?

Our genre of choice is fiction. We love being able to create a world with people and places.

Since you write together, how do you decide what will go into the story?

It’s really very simple, if its Charlie’s story and idea, he has the final say, if it’s mine, I have the final say. We toss around ideas back and forth and decide that way. We are pretty similar in tastes and such but not too similar that we can’t have creative ideas that are different from each other.

Who does the actual typing?

I do the actual typing. I can type over 50 words a minute so I am the quicker of the two. I like to type.

How do you work out conflicts?

We talk them over. For instance if we have a conflict in the story line that we sometimes get into. Kind of like a writer’s block, we either talk it out, or go out somewhere and people watch. It usually does the trick. I respect his creativity and his ideas and he respects mine.

What are you working on now?

He is working on The Chimera Affect and I am working on a story called Lost.

If you have published something, tell us about it.

We have published one story called Kai’s Journey and we are in the process of publishing two shorts, “The Curse of the Red Eyed Witch” and “Hiding in Plain Sight.” We have finished book two of Kai’s Journey and submitted it to Master Koda Select Publishing to be either selected or rejected. Kai’s Journey is a tale of a young man whose father created the zombie virus and threw the world into total chaos.

Who is your favorite author? Why?

My favorite author is a toss-up between Terry Brooks and Louis LaMoure. They both write with a passion that I understand. They are great story tellers and I like their style. Charlie likes Christopher Paolini. He likes that Christopher was a kid in high school when he started to write as well. He loved the Eragon series and has read those books several times.

How did you get started writing?

I have always loved to write. I love to tell stories as well but never thought or dreamed of publishing anything. I figured that was not something for a person like me from the middle of Iowa. My son has had a passion for writing for many years now. He would write his stories instead of doing his homework. Not recommended, by the way. The principal gave him a challenge of writing a story and getting it published. I promised we would publish the story and Charlie promised we would finish it. We have both kept our promises even though neither of us knew even where to start looking about getting published until we came across the article in the Des Moines register about Amanda Hocking and her publishing journey.

What do you find hardest about writing? What do you find easiest?

We find the writing both the hardest and the easiest. When it flows it’s amazing and fascinating to watch. When we hit a writer’s block that’s when it becomes the hardest.

Do you have a quote that keeps you going?

Yes, my promise to Charlie to get us published. Charlie’s is his knowledge that even a kid from high school can get published.

Who are your biggest supporters?

Our biggest supporters are our families, friends and local people who readily help us when we need to research anything from riding along with a police officer to touring a greenhouse. A local reporter by the name of Mike Donahey has been one of our biggest supporters as well. He has followed our story from the beginning and we owe him a lot.

What is the message you want people to get from your current work or work-in-progress? The biggest message we have in our stories is that no matter how bad life can get or how bad it is where you are now, it can and will get better if you believe in it and work for it. You have to be willing to make that change in yourself as well as your life whether you come from a broken home, abusive relationship or even a bad part of town. Your life can change for the better and get better if you believe in it.

Do your stories come more from your own experiences or from observation of others? Some of it is from our own experiences, but for the most part its fiction. The feelings, the thoughts of the characters are from people we know or family members.

Anything you would like to share with us about you and/or your writing?

Even though the world can be a dark and unforgiving place you can find happiness. We hope that our stories give people a sense of that. Hope.

In your best dream, where would you like to be? Why? This doesn’t have to be related to your writing.

In our best dream we would love to be successful authors and going on yearly trips to different places for vacation and research. We are people watchers and love to see how people are in different parts of the country. We would also love to have a get together with our writer friends as well. Something where everyone was able to meet in one location and just visit and chat and share ideas.

Please include your bio, links to your FB page, and any links you want to share!

Charles Siefken (1992-present) is a recent graduate of high school. This is his first book of many to be published. He currently resides in rural central Iowa where he enjoys reading sci/fi books and playing video games among other things. He currently works at a local shop as a mechanic. This fall he will be attending college to get his degree in auto mechanics. His passion for writing stories has not diminished since leaving high school. We have found a publisher, MasterKoda Select Publishing! Christopher Paolini is his inspiration to become a writer.

Wendy Siefken (1966-Present) Currently working full time from home on writing stories and now a virtual assistant to those in need of an extra pair of hands online. Wendy lives on a farm with her family and enjoys reading, gardening and other activities with her family and friends.

This is our first publication with many more to follow. This all started as a school project for her youngest son and business partner, Charles Siefken, which has grown into a desire to be published.

The book is a journey into the fantasy realm of what ifs. Zombies took over the world? What if werewolves were real? What if dragons were really not from earth but from another planet? I hope you enjoy this YA book. This book is ideal for a young reader who you may not want reading a book with a lot of blood and gore. This book doesn’t have that. It has a story without all the graphics of a battle. I hope you take a look and enjoy!

What are the links where readers can connect with you and find your books?

Siefken Kais Journey cover graphics!/pages/Siefken-Publications/241584649234965

These are pictures of Charlie and me as well as our newest book cover that will be going on our book! The artwork of Kai and the wolf were drawn by Dan Peyton and the rest of the artwork was done by Rebbekah White. I love how this is going to look and love what these two wonderful people have done for our book cover!

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  4. Wonderful Wendy and DeEtte! Wendy, even though we known you through MK for quite some time, it’s always great to read interviews because we always learn something new. Kim and I wish you and Charles the BEST success!!! Keep writing you two!!

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