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This Week’s Guest: Tammy Moore Novak

March 25, 2013

My guest this week is Tammy Moore Novak. Please enjoy the interview! Welcome and thank you for joining me, Tammy!

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  1. What is your genre of choice? Why did you choose this genre? I will read any genre at least once but for my writing I like Mystery/Suspense and psychological thrillers. I don’t mind if there is a love story involved but the story has to keep me on edge. There has to be something exciting going on.
  1. What are you working on now? Currently I am working on the Butterfly Lake series. I am on book two Tethered Wings and I’m planning on a prequel. After that, I have two psychological thrillers planned. I also signed for a children’s book series called The Big GREEN Dinosaur about a dinosaur that lives GREEN. I’m going to be very busy.
  1. If you have published something, tell us about it. I self-published a children’s book called The Red Headed Monster. I recently signed with Master Koda Select publishing for my psychological thriller called The Abduction of Lilly Waters. I’m just waiting for the whistle to blow on that one; signaling that it is ready for release.

Tammy Novak Red Headed monster cover

  1. Who is your favorite author? Why? I have many authors that I love. I grew up with V.C. Andrews and I think she has shaped my writing style. I also love the Twilight Saga and Hunger Games. One of my all-time favorite books was The Jester by James Patterson.
  1. How did you get started writing? I dabbled in it when I was a child but I didn’t really know I was writing. I wrote a school play in Jr. High that actually was produced and performed. I didn’t really write again until college and I started late in life with that. I wrote some essays, made a few professors cry and that was when I looked at what I wrote as actual writing. I’ve been writing since.
  1. What do you find hardest about writing? What do you find easiest? I don’t find writing hard really. I find editing hard. I don’t know that I’m horrible at it, but I know I’m not a professional at it. The easiest part of writing is weaving the details together. It seems to come natural to me and I don’t really struggle with making it all fit as it should and my stories are complicated with a lot of twists and turns, so one would think it would be hard to keep it all straight but it’s not hard at all.
  1. Do you have a quote that keeps you going? No. I don’t have a quote really. I have thoughts that keep me going. I want to provide for my family. I’d like to write full time so I think what pushes me forward is the idea of getting to that point. I think once I am able to do this full time I will feel successful.
  1. Who are your biggest supporters? I have a huge family and they are my biggest supporters. My husband and my sons never complain about me always being in front of the computer. The youngest ones don’t really understand what I’m doing all the time but they don’t say anything bad about it. I think my husband sees it as a potential retirement for him so he is very supportive. My siblings, sister-in-laws and my mother all cheer me on. I think other family is slowly starting to turn their heads too. My Aunt Bea read the Abduction of Lilly Waters per my request and she is a huge supporter now and she doesn’t even read psychological thrillers at all. She said I had her hooked from the first chapter! And to think, she was very reluctant to agree to reading it; not any more. She said I can send her anything for feedback now.
  1. What is the message you want people to get from your current work or work-in-progress? That’s a tough question. I do think each story has a message all its own, but when I came up with it I didn’t really know what the message was. The message in The Abduction of Lilly Waters is that the human mind is fragile and just when you think you have it all figured out you discover there is so much more going on. In Butterfly Lake the series the message is you’re only as weak as your weakest moment and that you can overcome anything, no matter what the odds are. Also, love and trust in yourself and others is the most valuable assets a person can have.
  1. Do your stories come more from your own experiences or from observation of others? The initial idea in all of my stories has come to me in dreams. I dream very vividly; sometimes. If the dream is worth fully waking up and pondering then I jot it down. The story after that is a combination of my own experiences or those I have heard about or witnessed. The Abduction of Lilly waters was driven by a real fear as a parent. I could relate or imagine what Beth was going through. In Butterfly Lake I could relate to Lani’s loss of her mother. I lost my ‘father’ at a very young age. I also knew what it was like to leave home at a very young age, because I experienced it.
  1. Anything you would like to share with us about you and/or your writing? This is just the beginning. I have many stories stuck in my mind and I want them all out so they can torment you all as well… My adult novels are under T.M. Novak and my children’s book will be written under Tammy Moore.
  1. In your best dream, where would you like to be? Why? This doesn’t have to be related to your writing. My dream is to move back to Connecticut where I have family so my kids can be surrounded by people who love them. I left Connecticut at age 17 so I could be with my husband and I want to go home now. I will be going home with my husband and four sons in tow. I also dream of writing full time so I can be home with my kids again.

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  1. Thank you DeEtte for the interview. It was fun!

  2. Reblogged this on T.M. Novak and commented:
    Here is my first author interview…It was so much fun!!!

  3. Great job you too!!

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