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New Year Blog Tour-Sixth Stop-Jen Owens

February 7, 2013

This stop on my New Year Blog Tour is with Jen Owens. After a tragic loss, she found her writing to be theraputic and aided in her healing. Please enjoy the interview with her, then click on the links to check out her work! Welcome, Jen!

First I would like to thank DeEtte for this amazing opportunity.

I write Spiritual poems and devotionals. I was raised in a very spiritual culture in the North, although not necessarily religious.

Currently I am working in two new book projects: one is poetry and the other is a second installment of devotionals that I love to write.


I currently have 3 poetry books: The Light of Our Path (which talks about daily issues we face)

Children of Mine (which discusses children’s issues)

Petals of Peace (where I share some very serious and personal issues)


My other book is a book of 30 daily devotionals~ My Rays of Light


One of my favorite authors is Wayne Dyer. He is so inspirational. As someone who, not unlike him, has survived a serious illness (Lupus and Cancer in my case), I find him uplifting and hopeful.


I have been writing since I was a teenager. I would say though, when my sister passed away 2 years ago, it sparked something in me. I needed to find a way to work through the pain; it was not an easy task. What I found though, was that while I was working through my pain, others were working through theirs, while reading my writing.


My sister is the driving force behind what I do here; she had a few phrases that said so much about her. But when I was at my lowest point, she would smile and tell me “you are bent…not broken”. She was right; what I was going through was huge…but it didn’t destroy me. It has kept me going.


When people read my writing I want them to come away with several thoughts; you are not alone…even though it seems like it, someone else has been there and understands. Love every chance you get; with love all things are possible. Create peace with every breath you take; stand up for those who are unable to do so. Finally, God will guide you into your path…you only have to be patient…with Him and yourself.


My writing comes from humanity; some of which I have experienced personally. I hope that when I write about something; it gives the reader the insight of how we can do better.


Everything I write about is personal; even if I didn’t experience child abuse…the emotions behind what I write are personal. I try to shine light on subjects that effect mankind; not to judge it, but to ensure that we can become better than we were yesterday.


In my dreams, I am home…in Alaska. There are snowy drifts and pine trees covered in snow. There is nothing but cold air biting at my lungs; no war, no hate or indifference. IN my dream the only voice that can be heard is that of my Creator.

J.O books 1 jo books3 JO books2!/myraysoflight




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