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New Year Blog Tour–First Stop–Stephanie Borkowski

January 16, 2013

So many things have happened recently. One that I never used to even think about being a possibility was that I have a book published! Actually, I have a short story AND a novel published! Along the way, I have met many wonderful new friends who are also writers, editors, reviewers, bloggers, and readers.  I have invited several of my friends who also write in the same genres I do to join me on this tour. Twice a week for the next few weeks, I will be spotlighting one of them. They will be sharing, in their own words, about their writing. Some have works published and some are hoping to soon. The genres that will be represented are Christian fiction, Inspirational, and Historical fiction. Please check my blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays to find out about these wonderful people and what they have to share!

My first guest is Stephanie Borkowski. Welcome, Stephanie!1070_4696190651740_1189301464_n

1: What is your genre of choice? Why did you choose this genre?

My genre of choice is inspirational fiction. I didn’t start out wanting to write this genre it seemed to choose me. I went to a writing class a few years back. One of the assignments was to write a story using the theme “the suitcase”. That became the starting point to my writing career. I love the way I can use my over active imagination and create stories.

2: What are you working on now?

Right now I am writing my first novella called “Giving Hope” it’s a great story with a few surprises. It shows how a suitcase can change many lives. Your probably wondering how a simple suitcase can bring many people in the story hope, it surprised me as well as the story unfolded. It is going to be a two part series.

It displays the many things in life we all deal with while touching your heart and showing there is always a ray of hope to be found.

3: If you have published something, tell us about it.

So far, I have published a lot of devotionals and a few poems. I wrote for three years for a few churches. It was a lot of fun and a great foundation for me to grow in my writing while bringing me closer to God and building discipline.

4: What is your favorite author in your genre? Why?

My favorite author? Hmm I have a lot but I would have to say the one who inspires me and I have read a ton of her books would have to be Karen Kingsbury. I love how she uses parts of life in her books while bringing hope and her love for the Lord. That really encourages me that it can be done. Reaching people while telling a great story completely from your imagination.

5: How did you get started writing?

I think I have always been writing and making up stories in my head, you could always find my head in a book growing up. And I always get excited to go to the library , I would leave with so many books. What a peaceful feeling it is to hold the books of people who put there heart and life into the stories just to reach others. My dream has always been to be a published author. It would be such a blessing.

6: Do you have a quote that keeps you going?

I have several quotes that I wrote. The one that stands out for me right now is.

“Just like the butterfly, God says I can choose the sweetest flower to land on.”

It reminds me that im free in the Lord. I can choose the sweetest moments and choices in my life.

7: What is the message you want people to get from your current work or work- in- progress?

I want people to be able to relate to my fiction because it speaks to the truth in their lives. The things we all go through or know someone else going through. I will weave into my stories things like homelessness, sickness, mental health, abuse and other things that just need to be talked about. Along with showing them humor, a little mystery and a lot of hope and encouragement. I will always have an element of my belief in the Lord I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t add that to my writing. I am so excited to share with all of you my first novella im praying that God will allow it to be out in 2013.

8: Do your stories come from your own experiences or from observation of others?

It’s a little of both I think, I have myself walked through a lot in life such as abuse and mental health issues so I pull from that. I also watch and learn from life itself and want to write about what is relevant in the world today. Sometimes a certain phrase or picture may spark an idea, it could be scripture, or just a feeling anything can be used that is the great thing about writing it is so limitless when it comes to ideas.

9: Anything you would like to share with us about you and/or your writing?

I want to let everyone know that first, I love the Lord, I am a very open person who accepts everyone for who they are and am a great friend and a great listener. I love to write, craft, read, take photography, and spend time with my family and the Lord. I am working on a few projects at this time. My novella “Giving Hope” as I mentioned earlier along with something that will show my long walk with abuse and mental illness. It’s called “journal of a woman” a website and possibly a book. I am in the process of opening an etsy store to sell my handmade bookmarks called “marked by Grace” all these things should be ready to go sometime in February 2013. I’m so excited to be able to reach people with my words and my creative projects. I hope you will continue to follow me and become a friend along the way.

10: In your best dream, where would you like to be? This doesn’t have to be related to your writing.

I have many dreams; I would have to say my best dream would be to spend some quiet time with my husband in an elaborate cabin. A fireplace, hot tub, lots of hot chocolate. Of course, it would have to be during winter with lots of snow such a peaceful scene. I could catch up on some rest along with writing and read a few good books. What a great time also to spend with God and his word. I would love to hear where your dreams take you. Keep dreaming Friends and God bless.

Links where you can read more of Stephanie’s writing:

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