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Ebooks Make Great Gifts!!!

December 13, 2012

The holidays are here. This is not news to you or to me. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it would be nice to spend some quiet time reading. There are so many books out there to choose from. They also make wonderful gifts.

Bruce Blake, a fellow author and my friend, has put together a list of ebooks that are available now for just 99 cents each! There are many genres listed here to help you find something that might interest you. I haven’t read all of them, but the ones I have are marked with an asterisk to let you know I recommend them!

My book, The Christmas Visitors, is in this group! What’s it about? It’s Christmas Eve –  A blizzard and a paranormal sighting cause an accident on a country road. Sam and Ellen seek refuge at a nearby farmhouse. Their experience with the elderly couple that lives there will change their lives forever. US Link: UK Link:

So, before you peruse the list below, I want to wish you a Happy Hanukkah and/or Merry Christmas! And happy reading!

The Christmas Visitors

Here’s the Big List! Hope you find something you’d like!

Christian Inspiration

* DeEtte Beckstead – The Christmas VisitorsUS Link: UK Link:

* Allison Bruning – Reflections: PoemsandEssays– US Link: UK Link:

Urban Fantasy

Bruce Blake – On Unfaithful Wings (AnIcarus Fell Novel #1)– US link: UK link:

Bruce Blake – All Who Wander Are Lost (AnIcarus Fell Novel #2) – US link: UK link:

Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Steven Montano – Blood Skies (Book1) – US link: UK link:

Epic Fantasy

Autumn M. Birt – Born of Water – US link UK Link: Smashwords:

Bruce Blake – Blood of the King (Khirro’s Journey Book 1) – US link: UK link: Kobo: Smashwords:

Scott Bury – The Bones of the Earth – US link: UK link:

Paranormal Fantasy

Gary Henry – American Goddesses – Smashwords:

Short StoriesLiterary Fiction

* Beverly Ackerman – The Meaning of Children– US link: UK link:

Short StoriesMystery/Adventure/Fantasy

Gary Henry – What Happened to Jory and Other Dark Departures – Smashwords:


Cinta Garcia de la Rosa – The Funny Adventures of Little Nani – US link: UK link:

Middle Grade

Vickie Johnstone – Kiwi in Cat City – magical cat series (6 books) – US link: UK Link:

Young Adult Contemporary

Renee Pace – Off Leash– US link: UK link:


Adam Gaffen – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Viscount’s Butler – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Date – US link: UK link:


* Brad Fleming – Inky BlackThe Case of the Missing Moggy – US link: UK Link:

* Brad Fleming – An Inky Black StoryA Hard Day at the Office – US link: UK Link:


Adam Gaffen – A Deadly Quest (The Cassidy Chronicles) – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Run Like Hell (The Cassidy Chronicles) – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Refuge – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – The Longest Night – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Who Watches the Watchers? – US link : UK link:


Blaithin O’Reilly Murphy – The Meaning of Purple Tulips– US link: link:

Regency Romance

* Kymber Lee – Lord Tristan’s True Love – U.S link: UK Link:

Romantic Comedy

Vickie Johnstone – 3 Heads & a Tail – US link: UK link:

Erotic Dark Fantasy

M. Peters – Undisclosed Desire – US link: UK link:

Erotic Paranormal

Renee Field –A Siren’s Wish – US link: UK link:


* Joe McCoubrey – Death by Licence – US link: UK link:

* Brad Fleming – Role of Dishonour– US link: UK link:


Vickie Johnstone – Life’s Rhythms316 Haiku – US link: UK link:

Non-Fiction:Adventure Travel

Autumn M. Birt & Adam P. Paul – Danger Peligros – US Link: UK Link: Smashwords:


Alycia Neighbours – Deciding to Dance– US link: UK link:

Alycia Neighbours – Wake Up In the Mourning– US link: UK link:

Non-Fiction:Self Help

Jamesina Greene – Help! I Don’t Like Myself – US link : UK link:


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