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Happy 13th Birthday!

October 8, 2012

Today is my oldest grandchild’s birthday. Thirteen years ago, I was sitting in the waiting room at a hospital in Salt Lake City with my two youngest daughters, who were “aunticipating” the arrival of the first of the next generation. I remember watching them try to peek down the hallway every time the door would open to try to see if their oldest sister had had the baby yet. The minutes ticked away like hours as we sat there waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, the news came that K was here! We were so happy to see that sweet little baby with blonde hair and blue eyes! Oh, how we loved him!

The next years brought a lot of smiles, as well as frustrations and tears. As a toddler, K loved his hot wheels cars, and would spend hours lining them up just so. He loved to watch anything spin around. He still calls them his spinnies. There was the ever-present Thomas the Tank Engine with all his friends and miles of the track. K didn’t speak for a long, long time. His younger brother helped him learn to talk. I have the second stick-man drawing he ever drew. He was five years old. I keep it with all my other treasures from my grandchildren. There were eating issues, and other challenges. There were early intervention, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, surgeries and scopes for reflux, and play groups. There were the meltdowns. We had been personally introduced to the world of autism.

There are plenty of joys, too: the smiles that would melt any heart, and the microsteps we celebrate that most people wouldn’t even notice. K has taught us about living in the present, for that is where he lives. He has reminded us about persistence, even though his often turns to obsession. He needs consistency and routine. Sometimes that makes life difficult for both him and us.

Now, thirteen years and a lot of water under the proverbial bridge later, we are still celebrating K. Would we change anything about him? No, nothing. We love him for who he is, how he is. And we will be here to continue to support him.

So here’s to you, K, my oldest grandchild, and certainly a child of my heart! I love you forever and always. Happy birthday!


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  1. You and your family are inspirations to all of us, DeEtte.

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