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I Want to be Like the Bee

October 5, 2012

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

~Mark Twain
Have you ever watched a bee fly from flower to flower, gathering pollen? They don’t think about flying, or making honey. They just do it. Its what they were meant to do. In the process, flowers are pollinated and in a few weeks, there are fruits, vegetables, and grain. When the bees go back to their hives, they don’t say to one another “You are sure stupid for going out every day, gathering pollen and making honey. You know others steal it for their own use. It’s futile. You shouldn’t go out there.”
I don’t really know what bees do “talk” about with each other, except for their dance where they indicate where the good food source is. They support one another.
Too often we, and I am including myself, let other people determine what we do, where we put our energies, what goals and desires we allow ourselves to strive for. We let their words and attitudes, either cheer us on, or discourage us to the point we won’t even try. We measure ourselves by their thoughts, not what we think or hope or even know.
I am trying more and more, to take Mark Twain’s advice and keep away from those who would negatively influence me, and gravitate more toward those whom I can trust to support me and encourage me. I am so thankful for my great friends who do encourage me. I try to pick up on the words of affirmation I read and apply them to myself. It isn’t always easy. I struggle with low self-esteem. But I have started several new journeys this past year, and I intend to see them through.
Publishing my first book is one of those journeys. The writing part wasn’t so hard. I started writing at my son’s suggestion. I was going to keep my writing to myself. After all, I had heard too many voices say I couldn’t finish anything, I couldn’t do this or that. I finished writing the story and kept it on my computer for over four years, knowing it was there, hidden away, safe and sound where no one could criticize it–or love it. Finally, in January 2012, a good friend, one whom I trust, told me to go for it. Her encouragement meant so much. I brought the story “out of storage” and started to polish it up. It took a lot for me to finally hit the button to send my work, my baby, my story off to be published, out into the world to be read and judged by anyone who chose to do so. I was trembling when I finally sent it on.
And now, in a few weeks, it will be published. Yes, I still find that thought intimidating at times. And there are times I want to snatch it back and hide it again, pretending it never existed. But I have a wonderful group of friends who encourage me, and nudge me forward even when we all know it is so hard for me. They don’t  know it, but they are also blocking my way of retreat. I respect them too much to stop now.
Scientists say that the bumble bee isn’t supposed to fly because its wings are too small, but the bee doesn’t listen to the naysayers. It just does what it was made to do. I want to become like that bee and just fly how I was meant to fly.

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  1. I love this posting, DeEtte. May I post it on my blog in your name? If so, I will need a jpeg photo of you, as well, sent to my email. Your friend, Linda Lee Greene

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