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Welcome to my new adventure!

October 4, 2012

Welcome to my blog! This will be an interesting ride for me, as well as any who choose to come along! I have never been very good at keeping journals. I found I only wrote when something bad happened, so I quit. I will try to post something every day, but since I make it a habit to not make promises I cannot keep, I won’t promise. As an old Girl Scout, I can promise I will try!

What shall I write about? There are so many choices! Sometimes I will write about writing, and how my book is coming, and any future books, too. Sometimes I will share something that happened to me or someone in my family. And sometimes, I will talk about another passion I have—crocheting. I won’t be posting patterns, but I may tell you the story of one of my projects. In all my posts, I will share my heart, because that is how I write.

Many of you know something about my book, Victory. I am very excited for it to be published soon by Master Koda Select Publishing. Some have asked what it is about. Victory is the story about a small American town and the people who live there. Brown Eyes, an orphan, lives with her only known relative, a cousin, who has had a rough life herself. A visitor comes to Victory with ideas to improve the town. Another stranger also comes to town. As one of them moves in with fear and control, God’s hand moves within the town, even at its darkest hour. The other is instrumental in saving the town, and especially Brown Eyes. It is a story of faith and freedom and the love of God.

So, if you want to join me on this adventure, c’mon along. Welcome aboard!


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  1. And thank you for the Invitation DeEtte … Look forward to sharing a lot of thought and thinkin’ … 😉

  2. DeEtte…welcome to the blogging world. I will look forward to your posts!

  3. Welcome to the blog scene DeEtte. Look forward to joining regularly with you.

  4. I look forward to looking inside of your heart and mind, DeEtte.

  5. Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere, DeEtte! I only joined this brave new world a few months ago, but it’s a fun world to be in. Can’t wait to read your posts and get to know you more! (Lauri Fern)

  6. Jean permalink

    Sounds great DeEtte. Looking forward to your posts.

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